Mythical CREATURES on Ancient GREEK and ROMAN Coins

Mythical Creatures on Ancient Greek and Roman Coins Guide

Overview of the mythological creatures depicted on ancient coins from various myths

Journey to the mythical age of heroes of antiquity. An age filled with fantastic animals. Try not to look at Medusa or you will be turned to stone. Fly into the sky on the winged horse known as the Pegasus and so much more. This guide was designed to show you authentic ancient coins depicting these various creatures.The types of mythical creatures depicted on coins, a list.
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Examples of Authentic Ancient Greek and Roman coins illustrating the various creatures on the list above

Below you will find ancient coins I have used to illustrate the various fantastical creatures of myth on ancient coins. The pictures are clickable, with the picture searching all coins for that keyword. The underlined blue links also search my store for those specific terms. The goal is for to familiarize you with the types available and make it easy for you to find the most interesting coins for you to collect. May you find these coins as enjoyable as I do.

Augustus Capricorn before & Rhoemetalkes Thrace King Ancient Roman Coin i50082

Augustus –  Roman Emperor: 27 B.C. – 14 A.D.
Augustus & Rhoemetalkes Client King of Thrace
Bronze 21mm (6.75 grams) from the Greek Kingdom of Thrace circa 11BC-12 A.D.
Reference: RPC I 1715; SNG Copenhagen –
BAΣΙΛΕΩΣ POIMHTAΛKOY, diademed head of King Rhoemetalkes right.
KAIΣAPOΣ ΣEBAΣTOY, Laureate head of Augustus right, Capricorn before.

GALLIENUS son of Valerian I Rare Ancient Roman Coin Centaur Sagittarius i48033

Gallienus –  Roman Emperor: 253-268 A.D. –
Son of  Valerian I 
Bronze Antoninianus 20mm (2.76 grams) Struck circa 253-268 A.D.
Reference: RIC 164k, C 73
GALLIENVS AVG – Radiate head right.
APOLLINI CONS AVG –  Centaur advancing left, holding globe and trophy.

CORINTH 375BC Athena Pegasus Silver Stater Ancient Greek Coin Triskeles i46350

Greek city of  Corinth in Corinthia
Silver Stater 21mm (8.40 grams) Struck circa 375-300 B.C.
Reference: Ravel 1065; Pegasi 383; BCD Corinth 126
Pegasus, with pointed wing, flying left; koppa beneath.
Helmeted head of  Athena left; behind, N and triskeles of crescents within circle.
Constans –  Roman Emperor: 337-350 A.D. –
Bronze AE3 18mm (2.73 grams) Siscia mint: 337-350 A.D.
Reference: RIC 241 (VIII, Siscia), LRBC 1134
DNCONSTANSPFAVG – Diademed, draped and cuirassed bust right.
FELTEMPREPARATIO Exe: ASIS – Phoenix standing right on pile of ashes.

CORINTH Athena Chimera Pegusus 400BC Ancient Silver Greek Coin Rare i16283

Greek city of Corinth in Corinthia
Silver Stater 21mm (8.31 grams) Struck circa 400-350 B.C.
Reference: Sear 2626 var.
Pegasus, with pointed wing, flying left; koppa beneath.
Helmeted head of Athena right; behind, facing Chimera.

Gergis 400BC ORACLE Sibyl Herophile Sphinx Authentic Ancient Greek Coin i52560

Greek city of  Gergis in  Troas
Bronze 17mm (3.85 grams) Struck circa 400-300 B.C.
Reference: Sear 4099; SNG München 199
Facing laureate head of  Sibyl Herophile, head turned slightly right and wearing necklace.
ΓEP before  Sphinx seated right.

Syracuse in Sicily Ancient Greek Coin Hippocamp Sea horse Athena Cult i39686

Greek city of  Syracuse in  Sicily
Time of Timoleon 344-336 B.C.
Bronze Trias 21mm (8.15 grams)
Reference: Sear 1193; B.M.C. 2. 289
ΣYPA – Head of  Athena  left, wearing Corinthian helmet bound with olive-wreath,
dolphins, before and behind.
Hippocamp left, with curled wing.
Greek city of   Thasos,  an Island off  Thrace
Silver Stater 22mm  (8.54 grams) Struck circa  525-463 B.C.
Reference: HGC 6, 331; Le Rider 1-2 and 5; Sear 1357;  Weber 2500; Price & Waggoner 100-126
Naked ithyphallic satyr in kneeling-running attitude  right, carrying in his arms a struggling nymph who  raises her right hand in protest.
Quadripartite incuse square.

LARISSA in THESSALY 356BC Silver Drachm Nymph Horse Ancient Greek Coin i47969

Greek city of  Larissa in  Thessaly
Silver Drachm 20mm (5.86 grams) Struck circa 356-320 B.C.
Reference: HGC 4, 453; BCD Thessaly II, lot 280
Pedigree: Ex BCD Collection with his original hand-written tag and photos of this coin
Head of nymph Larissa facing three-quarters left, wearing ampyx.
ΛAPI/ΣΑIΩN, Horse grazing right.

PHILIP I the ARAB 1000 Years of Rome LION of COLOSSEUM Silver Roman Coin i53515

 Philip  I ‘the Arab’ –  Roman Emperor: 244-249 A.D. –
Silver Antoninianus 22mm (4.49 grams) Rome mint, 1st officina. 9th emission,  248 A.D.
Commemorating the 1000th anniversary of Rome
Reference: RIC IV 12; RSC 173
IMP PHILIPPVS AVG, radiate, draped, and cuirassed bust right
SAECVLARES AVGG / I, Lion walking right.

Roman Republic Hosidia 1 68BC Calydonian Boar Diana Cult Silver Coin i41957

Roman Republic C. Hosidius C. f. Geta moneyer
Silver Denarius 17mm (3.47 grams) Rome mint: 68 B.C.
Reference: Hosidia 1; B.M.C. 903; Syd. 407/2
Diademed head of Diana draped right, bow and quiver at her shoulder, GETA before, III VIR behind.
The wild boar of Calydon right, pierced by spear and attacked by dog.or read the  Guide to the Coins of the Roman Republic

NERO 62AD Antioch Tetradrachm Large Ancient Silver Roman Coin Eagle i53405

Nero –  Roman Emperor:  54-68 A.D. –
Silver Tetradrachm 23mm (14.70 grams) of    Antioch in  Seleukis and Pieria
Dated Year 111 of the Caesarian era; Regnal Year 9,  62/63 A.D.
Reference: RPC I 4185; Prieur 85; Wr. 42 Pedigree: Ex Superior Sale June 4,7,  1984 No. 1777
ΝΕΡΩΝ ΚΑΙΣΑΡ ΣΕΒΑΣΤΟΣ,  Laureate bust right wearing aegis.
ETOYΣ – AIP◦Θ, Eagle with wings spread standing right on thunderbolt, palm  branch and pellet in right field.

KYZIKOS in MYSIA 2-1CenBC Bull Torch LARGE Authentic Ancient Greek Coin i53580

Greek city of   Kyzikos in   Mysia
Bronze 25mm (10.34 grams) Struck 2nd-1st  centuries B.C.
Reference: Von Fritze III, 30 var; SNG von Aulock 1240 var; SNG Cop 81 var
Pedigree: Ex NY Sale 2016 844
Bull butting right within a circle of pellets.
KYΞΙ / KHNΩN, Flaming torch, monogram to  left and right.

APOLLONIA in ILLYRIA 208BC Cow Calf Fertility Gemini Silver Greek Coin i41973

Greek city of Illyria- Apollonia
Silver ‘Drachm’ 17mm (3.20 grams)
Ariston (Moneyer), Aisanos (Magistrate)
Class ALc2a Struck circa 208-48 B.C.
APIΣTΩN, Cow left, calf right, A in exergue.
AПOΛ-AI-ΣH-NOΣ, Curved, double-stellate pattern, vertical single device line, petal rays, triple dots, line border.
Greek city of   Pantikapaion in   Cimmerian Bosporus
Bronze 21mm (7.15 grams) Struck circa 310-303 B.C.
Reference: HGC 7, 113  Rare R1; MacDonald 69; Anohin 111; Sear 1700; B.M.C.3.20
Wreath head of Pan, the satyr right.
ΠΑΝ, Forepart of griffin advancing left; sturgeon below.

AKRAGAS in SICILY 510BC Didrachm EAGLE CRAB Silver Greek Coin RARE R1 i53571

Greek city of   Akragas in  Sicily
Silver Didrachm 21mm (8.23 grams) Struck circa 510-500 B.C.
Reference: HGC 2, 87  Rare R1; Jenkins 1970, Group Ia
AKRA/CANTOΣ, Eagle standing left.
Greek city of  Apameia in  Phrygia
Silver Cistophoric Tetradrachm 23mm (11.28 grams) Struck  circa 88-67 B.C.
Attalos and Timo-, magistrates.
Reference: Sear 5113 var.; Kleiner, Late Issue XVII; SNG Copenhagen  156
Cista mystica with serpent; all within ivy-wreath.
Two serpents / snakes entwined around bow and bowcase; ATTA/ΛΟY/TIMΩ  in three lines above, aulos (double flute) to right; TA  in field to left.

Roman Republic 47BC Medusa & Aurora Leading Sun Ancient Silver Coin i52631

Roman Republic L. Plautius Plancus moneyer
Silver Denarius 19mm (3.49 grams) Rome mint, circa 47 B.C.
Reference:  Plautia 14; B.M.C. 4009; Syd. 959b; Craw. 453/1c
Mask of Medusa, facing, hair dishevelled. L PLAVTIVS below.
Aurora flying right conducting the four horses of the Sun, PLANCVS below.

Kamarina Sicily 413BC Gorgoneion Owl Lizard Authentic Ancient Greek Coin i51603

Greek city of  Kamarina in  Sicily
Bronze Trias or Trionkia 16mm (3.44 grams) Struck circa 420-410 B.C.
Reference: HGC 2, 546; Sear 1062 var. (owl left); CNS III, pp. 47-55
Head of Gorgoneion facing.
KAMA, Owl standing right, head facing, holding lizard in left claw; in exergue, three pellets (mark of value).See also: Aegis

Athens in Attica Greece 320BC Ancient Tetradrachm Silver Greek Coin i40763

Greek city of Athens in Attica Greece –
Silver Tetradrachm 21mm (17.13 grams) Struck circa 320-294 B.C.
Reference: Svornos-pl.20#5
Head of  Athena  right, of more advanced style, the eye seen in true profile; she wears crested helmet
ornamented with three olive-leaves and floral scroll.
Owl standing right, head facing; to right AΘE; to left, olive-twig and crescent.

GALLIENUS One of Gallienus’ last issues RARE Ancient Roman Coin Panther i46461

Gallienus –  Roman Emperor: 253-268 A.D. –  – Joint Rule with Valerian I  253-260 A.D. –
Bronze Antoninianus 20mm (3.19 grams) Rome mint: 267-268 A.D.
Reference: RIC Vi, 230, page 151 – Cohen 588 – VM 153
GALLIENVS AVG – Radiate head right.
LIBERO P CONS AVG – Panther walking left. Exe: B

ARADOS in PHOENICIA third-stater Merman Dolphin Hippocamp Greek Coin i46403 RARE

Greek city of  Arados in  Phoenicia
Silver Third-Stater or Tetrobol 14mm (3.27 grams) Struck late 5th Century B.C.
Reference: Sear 5968; B.M.C. 26.3,7
Merman right, holding dolphin each hand; above, Phoenician letters ( = m a).
Galley right, row of shields along bulwars; beneath, marine creature (hippocamp) right; all in dotted square within incuse square.

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Creatures of Mythology on Ancient Greek and Roman Coins

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