Coins of NERO the Infamous Ancient Roman Emperor

NERO Ancient Coins of the Infamous Roman Emperor Guide and best place for Sale

Emperor Nero was emperor from 54-68 A.D. Nero is infamous for having watched Rome burn while he fiddled as the story goes. He is also known to Christian biblical historians as someone who persecuted the early Christians, blaming them for the fire in Rome. This guide is designed to show some authentic ancient Roman coins that Nero had along with telling you a little bit ofhistory about them. Towards the end of the video, Ilya Zlobin shares where the emperors ancient coins can be foudn for sale in his eBay shop, along with some of the best coin and historical books on the subject.

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Nero 68AD Ancient Very rare Silver Roman Coin Jupiter Zeus Cult RARE i28495

Nero – Roman Emperor: 54-68 A.D.
Silver Denarius (19mm, 3.29 gm.), Rome, 68 A.D.
Reference: RIC 69, BMC 80, BN 239, C 123
IMP NERO CAESAR AVG PP – Laureate head of Nero right.
IVPPITER CVSTOS – Jupiter seated left, holding thunderbolt and scepter.
Nero – Roman Emperor: 54-68 A.D.
Nero & Statilia Messalina
Bronze 25mm (8.32 grams) of Hypaepa in Lydia 66-68 A.D.
Reference:  SGI 666; RPC 2545; B.M.C. 22.111,21
NEPΩN MECCAΛEI,  Laureate head of Nero left facing draped bust of Statilia Messalina right.
VΠA. / IOY. ΓP. / HΓHCIΠΠ / OC, Clutus-statue of Artemis Anaitis facing, wearing long veil.

NERO Arch Chariot & Mars 65AD Lugdunum Ancient Roman Coin Architecture i36665

Nero – Roman Emperor: 54-68 A.D. – 
Bronze Sestertius 36mm (25.42 grams) Lugdunum mint: 65 A.D.
Reference: RIC 393; Cohen 306; BMCRE 330; BN 69; WCN 414; F.S. Kleiner, The Arch
of Nero in Rome. A study of the Roman honorary arch before and under Nero,
Archaeologica 52 (Rome, 1985), 51aNERO CLAVD CAESAR AVG GER P M TR P IMP P P, laureate head left, globe at point of bust.
S C across field, Triumphal arch, hung with wreath across front and left side; above, Nero in facing quadriga escorted on right by Victory holding wreath and palm and on left by Pax holding caduceus and cornucopiae; just below the quadriga on extreme left and right, two small figures of soldiers; on left side of arch in niche, figure of Mars standing facing, holding spear and round shield; ornamental reliefs on the faces and plinths of the arch.

Nero and wife Poppaea 63AD Rare Alexandria Large Ancient Roman Coin i42112

Nero – Roman Emperor:  54-68 A.D. – 
Nero and Poppaea
Billon Silver Tetradrachm 24mm (11.40 grams) Struck at Alexandria, Egypt Year 10 = 63/64 A.D.
Reference: Milne 217
NEPΩ KΛAV KAIΣ ΣEB ΓEP AV – radiate head right.
ΠΟΠΠΑΙΑ ΣEBAΣTH, draped bust of Poppaea right, LI to right.

NERO closes Doors to TEMPLE of JANUS for PEACE 65AD Ancient Roman Coin i44127

Nero – Roman Emperor:  54-68 A.D. – 
Bronze As 29mm (9.98 grams) Struck 65 A.D. at the mint of Rome
Reference: RIC I 306; WCN 288
NERO CAESAR AVG GERM IMP, Laureate head right.
PACE P R VBIQ PARTA IANVM CLVSIT / SC, Three-quarter view of the  Temple of  Janus, window to left and garland hung across double doors to right.* Numismatic Note: This coin has the Temple of Janus with the doors closed, signifying peace in the Roman empire as that was the only time that the doors of the temple were closed.

NERO 63AD Serapis Alexandria Egypt Tetradrachm Ancient Silver Roman Coin i46361

Nero – Roman Emperor:  54-68 A.D. – 
Billon Silver Tetradrachm 25mm (12.31 grams) of Alexandria in Egypt
Year 10 = 63/64 A.D.
Reference: Milne 222; Koln 160; RPC 5274; Sear 5 #2001; Dattari 251
NEPΩ KΛAV KAIΣ ΣEB ΓEP, radiate head right.
AYTO KPA, draped bust of Serapis right, LI before.

Nero 65AD Seleucis and Pieria HUGE Silver Ancient Coin EAGLE i32373

Nero – Roman Emperor: 54-68 A.D. – 
Silver Tetradrachm 26mm (13.55 grams) Mint of  Seleucis and Pieria
Dated Year 114 of the Caesarian era;  65/66 A.D.
Reference: McAlee 266; RPC 4191; Prieur 91
ΝΕΡΩΝ ΚΑΙCΑΡ CΕΒΑCΤΟC, Laureate head left, wearing aegis.
ETOYC . ΔIP, Eagle standing left on thunderbolt, wings spread; balm-branch before.

NERO 66AD Alexandria Egypt Tetradrachm Ancient Roman Coin Galley Ship i43282

Nero – Roman Emperor:  54-68 A.D. – 
Silver Tetradrachm 23mm (12.52 grams)
Struck at city of Alexandria in Egypt Year 13 = 66/67 A.D
Reference: Köln 184; Dattari 263; Milne 273; Emmett 121
NEPΩ KΛAV KAIΣ ΣEB ΓEP AV, Radiate bust left, wearing aegis; L IΓ (date) left
ΣΕΒΑΣΤΟΦΟΡΟΣ, galley under sail to right.

NERO 65AD Sestertius JANUS TEMPLE Gaming Token Ancient Roman Coin RARE i25127

Nero – Roman Emperor: 54-68 A.D. – 
Bronze Sestertius ‘Game Token’ 34mm (19.84 grams) Rome mint: 65 A.D.
Reference: C 146. BMC 319. RIC 438. CBN 73
NERO CLAVD CAESAR AVG GER P M TR P IMP P P Laureate head right, with globe at point of bust.
PACE P R TERRA MARIQ PARTA IANVM CLVSIT S – C View of the temple of Janus, door to right, decorated with garland.* Numismatic Note: This coin has been cut in half practically to turn it into a type of token, likely for gaming. Quality authentic ancient coin with fantastic portrait and the most important parts of the temple visible. 

NERO Alexandria Egypt Billon Silver Tetradrachm ROMA Ancient Roman Coin i49072

Nero – Roman Emperor:  54-68 A.D. – 
Billon Silver Tetradrachm 23mm (12.44 grams) of Alexandria in Egypt, dated regnal year 5, 58/59 A.D.
Reference:  Dattari 249; Geissen 141; RPC I, 5239
NEPΩ KΛAV KAIΣ ΣEB ΓEP AYTO, laureate head right.
PWMN, Roma seated left, holding victory and parazonium; date LE in field to right.

Nero as Apollo 54AD Perinthus Large Very rare Ancient Roman Coin Lyre i30606

Nero – Roman Emperor: 54-68 A.D. – 
Bronze 25mm (10.33 grams) of Perinthus in Thrace circa 54-68 A.D.
Reference: RPC I 1752; Schönert, Perinthos 249-252; c/m: Howgego 526; Moushmov 4419
NЄPΩN KAIΣAP ΣEBACTOΣ, Laureate head right.
ΠЄΡΙΝΘΙΩΝ, Emperor, as Apollo Citharoedus, advacing right, holding lyre.

Porcius Festus Jerusalem Nero Ancient Greek / Roman Coin Palm branch i36709

Nero – Roman Emperor: 54-68 A.D. – 
Procurator Porcius Festus under Roman Emperor Nero
Bronze ‘Prutah’ 16mm (2.45 grams)
of the Jerusalem mint 58 A.D.
Reference: Hendin 653
Obverse: Greek letters NEP WNO C (Nero) in wreath tied at the bottom with an X.
Reverse: Greek letters KAICAPOC (Caesar) and date LE (year 5 = 58/59 A.D), palm branch.

Britannicus & Nero 54AD Jerusalem Roman Coin of Claudius Antonius Felix i44947

Antonius Felix  prefect under Claudius 52-60 A.D.
Bronze Prutah 17mm (1.86 grams) from the mint of Jerusalem 54 A.D.
Reference: Hendin 1348 (5th Edition)
NEPW KΛAY KAICAP (Nero Claudius Caesar – son of Claudius); two oblong shields and spears crossed.
BPIT (Britannicus – younger son of Claudius) above; LIΔ KAI (year 14 of Caesar = 54 A.D.)
in fields; six-branched palm tree bearing two bunches of dates.* Numismatic Note: This is a rare type bearing the name of Britannicus, son of Claudius. Nero also has his name on it. Nero was the adopted son of Claudius by his marriage to Agrippina Jr. Rare and desirable type.

CIVIL WARS 68AD Silver Roman Coin after NERO time of VINDEX GALBA i28728

CIVIL WARS. 68-69 A.D. after Nero
Silver Denarius 18mm (3.09 gm) Gallic mint: 68-69 A.D.
Reference: RIC 118; AM 3; BMCRE 61; RSC 359; C Galba 359; BMC 61; Martin 3
FIDES / EXERCITVVM, clasped hands.
CONCORDIA PRAETORIANORVM, Concordia standing left, holding branch and cornucopiae.

NERO Guide to Ancient Coins of the Infamous Roman Emperor circa 54 68AD Books for Sale eBay

NERO Guide to Ancient Coins of the Infamous Roman Emperor circa 54 68AD Books for Sale eBay

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