Chronological LIST of PEOPLE who were on ANCIENT ROMAN Coins for Sale on eBay

Chronological List of All Roman Emperors, Empresses and other Important Personages on Ancient Coins

A List to be used as a Guide to Putting Together a Collection of Ancient Roman Coins that Includes Names of People who Issued Coins, Including the Rare Ones!

Feel the past as you explore the ancient world through these historical ancient Roman coins of the emperors, empresses and important personages. Below is an almost complete list of all ancient Roman historical personages that have ever struck a coin. A challenge for some, who are willing to accept it, is to collect a single coin of every single emperor. This list is available inside my eBay as the ‘Collecting Guide Link‘. Some of these emperors are more rare than others, so you may want to be the first to buy them before they’re gone into a collection forever! Some people choose to take the route of building up a collection of every single emperor, or sometimes, every single emperor and empress, and it may take a lifetime, but the challenge is exciting. You can build up a collection without some or the rarer emperors and empresses in an affordable fashion for almost anyone. Some people value a collection of ancient Roman coins as more valuable as it takes time and effort to put it together. With the list below, you can search my ancient coins store and find the right coins out of thousands that are available! Just click on each one of the names and it will search it automatically for any examples that I may have available. Or download it, print and use it as a checklist for your collection. The benefit of this list is that you can use it to put together a collection quickly and easily

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Article by Ilya Zlobin, world-renowned expert numismatist, enthusiast, author and dealer in authentic ancient Greek, ancient Roman, ancient Byzantine coins and beyond.


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An interesting video pertaining to numismatic coins. An expert numismatist created this to educate people.

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