Most Famous Ancient Coin Collectors and Investors

Most Famous Ancient Greek and Roman Coin Collectors and Investors (Video)

Most Famous Coin Collectors Mentioned in the Video:

Roman Emperor Augustus, Emperor 27 B.C. – 14 A.D.
Thomas Jefferson President of the United States 1801-1805
John Quincy Adams President 1821-1825
Franklin Delano Roosevelt President 1933-1945
Tony Blair United Kingdom Prime Minister 1997-2007
James Earl Jones famous for doing Star Wars Movie voice for Darth Vader
Wayne Gretzky Hockey Champion who invests in to coins
Buddy Ebsen famous actor for Beverly Hillbillies television show
Penny Marshall actress from famous show Laverne & Shirley
Nelson Bunker Hunt Billionaire Oil Tycoon and Investor famously tied in with cornering the silver Market in the 1980’s and had to sell his coin collection through Sotheby’s in 1990
He was also the proud owner of the most famous ancient Roman coin of them all associated with the assassination of Julius Caesar for the sake of “liberty” by his most famous assassin Brutus
Peter Weller an actor in the Robocop movies actually owned the famous Brutus coin at one point from the Nelson Bunker Hunt collector. Another probable owner of that coin was the late Jerry Weintraub, a famous Hollywood producer.
King Farouk of Egypt who ruled 1936-1952 owned on the most expensive American Gold Double Eagle coin ever sold for over seven million dollars.
Nicole Kidman has been rumored to collect coins, perhaps we’ll find out more one day.
Andre Dawson Baseball Hall of Fame Star
Paul McCartney of the Beatles
King Louis XIV ‘Sun King” builder of Palace of Versailles had a fantastic con collection
King Victor Emmanuel II of Italy who ruled 1900-1946 had the best coin collection
John Larroquette Emmy award winning actor
Bruce Williams popular talk show host, second after Rush Limbaugh collects coins
Dennis Rodman Bulls Basketball Champion collects coins
Mayer Amschel Rothschild founder of the Rothschild dynasty collected coins and amassed a fortune
Jackie Onassis had an amazing gold coin collection
JP Morgan Family had an amazing coin collection and donated pieces to the Metropolitan Museum of Art
Kellan Lutz actor and model, played in a movie called Hercules
Charlie Bodin actor said on twitter he is a coin collector
Medici family, known to be patrons of the arts collected coins
Allessandro Farnese who was grandson of Pope Paul III, both of whom collected coins put together one of the finest collections of coins, sculpture and artifacts from ancient Greek and Roman times.
King George III of England made the first ancient coin museum in England

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Most Famous Ancient Greek and Roman Coin Collectors and Investors Video

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Famous Celebrity Coin Collectors

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